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Office Furniture: WorkManager

WorkManager Series Office Furniture: WorkManager is a perfect solution for the evolving dynamics of today's more technology-reliant office. Value-priced, integrated cable management system, ergonomic front edge, add-on modularity and easy reconfigure are just some of the features that make this system perfect for any office requirement. Iceberg Enterprises' (formerly Eldon/Rubbermaid) engineering expertise - brings distinct design and performance advantages to the Workmanager System: steel-reinforced Resinite material, durable, resistant to scratches, dents and chips, flexible and expandable; portable and lightweight, ergonomically designed for comfort, neutral color is compatible with any environment, easy assembly or reconfiguration, use in open areas with or without privacy panels & ships knocked down to eliminate damage Iceberg Enterprises

ICE-50509 ICE-50509 - 72" Desk

ICE-50009 ICE-50009 - 60" Desk

ICE-51009 ICE-51009 - 48" Desk

ICE-52009 ICE-52009 - 34" Desk

ICE-51509 ICE-51509 - Layout Tableá

ICE-53009 ICE-53009 - Printer Stand

ICE-53059 ICE-53059 - Laser Printer/CPU Tower Cart

ICE-54107 ICE-54107 - Square Corner Connectorá

ICE-54548 ICE-54548 - Extended Corner Unitá

ICE-54559 ICE-54559 - High-Performance Corner Keying Unit

ICE-55219 ICE-55219 - Mobile Underdesk Pedestal

ICE-55419 ICE-55419 - Mobile Desk Height Pedestal

ICE-55509 ICE-55509 - Task Light

ICE-55808 ICE-55808 - Monitor Arm

ICE-55859 ICE-55859 - Leg Risers

ICE-56009 ICE-56009 - 60" Workstation Shelf

ICE-56106 ICE-56106 - 48" Workstation Shelf

ICE-56208 ICE-56208 - 34" Workstation Shelf

ICE-56309 ICE-56309 - Iceberg Enterprises WorkManager 34" Open Hutch - Paltinum

ICE-56319 ICE-56319 - Iceberg Enterprises WorkManager 48" Open Hutch - Paltinum

ICE-56329 ICE-56329 - Iceberg Enterprises WorkManager 60" Open Hutch - Paltinum

ICE-56339 ICE-56339 - Iceberg Enterprises WorkManager 72" Open Hutch - Paltinum




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